Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The foraged bouquet, long weekend x2

The 'foraged' and 'I just picked these' look in floristry remains ever-popular. You know something is truly fashionable when you can find Pinterest boards dedicated to its existence. The foraged bouquet is no exception. And why wouldn't it be an admired and imitated look? It's beautiful. So delicate, so textured, so interesting.

But don't be deceived, it is not always an easy look to recreate. It can often be easier to construct a perfectly uniform and domed bouquet like this one. The foraged look is ambiguous, open to interpretation. After all,  beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It's not easy to photograph either. So many elements. So much to capture.

Here are some examples of foraged done right.

I spent this past (long) weekend foraging. On the beach. And in the garden. With some of my finds I threw together my own foraged arrangement. I really love the emerald tones from the foliage. I'm a foliage devotee.

K xx

Flowers, Styling and Photography by Moss & Vine

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