Monday, 27 October 2014

Eight// Octo-ber in review

Fun fact: October was once the eighth month of the year, before Julius Caesar gifted himself July. And whilst he was in the mood for rearranging the calendar, he posthumously presented Augustus with August. *

So the Octo in October makes little sense anymore. Come to think of it neither does the Dec in December.

Eight has been a bit of a theme for me this October.

It has been eight months since we left Sydney. I am happier for having made that decision. Life is pretty grand. We love our new city. I love being a florist. And things are only looking better and better.

It has also been eight years since I went on the first date with my boyfriend.  

Eight years ago he bought me pizza. He's a tad more sophisticated these days.

Whilst I was busy styling some photographs of the new (old) ring, I thought I'd try my hand at styling an emerging trend. Recently i've been seeing the 'bed of moss' look appearing in more and more wedding photographs. Don't know what i'm talking about?

Moss ring box on pinterest. Always a good place to get your head around trends.

Or, try here.

What else had me excited this October?

K xx

Styling and Photographs by Moss & Vine

*I stand corrected on the whole calendar thing, my painfully intelligent Brother sent me the following:
'The Senate named July after Caesar, in recognition of his achievements. And Augustus was JC's grand-nephew, so August was not named for him posthumously but inter vivos, by the Senate, some time after Caesar's death.'

So, there you go.

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