Thursday, 23 October 2014


Parfait? Fondue?

Terrariums are very much in vogue at the moment.
Why not? They are pretty darn cool.

It is easy to DIY a terrarium if you have a little know-how and the right 'ingredients'. My favourite terrarium plant is the ever versatile succulent. Let's face it, it is incredibly hard to kill a succulent, making it perfect terrarium material. 

In my cocktail tumbler terrarium I put a bed of moss (ask your local florist) and three succulents. Easy as!

Succulents don't need much water at all. But it's a good idea to give your moss a mist every so often to keep it looking lush and green and alive. Add any whimsical touches you like.  Toadstools, plastic soldiers,  seas shells, acorns. Inspiration is endless. Raid the toy box.

K xx

Styling and Photographs by Moss & Vine
Drawing by Gareth Hipwell

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