Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The eve of eve

It is the eve of Christmas Eve. Already! The year has flown by. I am filled with nervous but thrillingly happy anticipation for what 2016 could bring.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Have a peaceful, safe and joyous festive season.

Kate  x

Styling and Photograph by Moss & Vine

Monday, 14 December 2015

Clouds of blue

There must be loads of acidity in the soil around the Southern Highlands, because the abundance of blue hydrangeas in the area is staggering! Staggeringly beautiful.

Robertson, NSW

Bowral, NSW

'Popcorn' hydrangea

How to CHANGE THE COLOUR of hydrangeas.

Kate  x

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Links to love: December edition

A baked WREATH from Call Me Cupcake.

Floral WINESICLES for an adult summer treat.

So happy to see a SINCLAIR AND MOORE interview on the FLORET FARM BLOG. These are two flower-centric creatives that I love to follow online.

FLORET FLOWER FARM makes me want to live in Washington state and grow flowers. And of course A COUNTRY FARMHOUSE does too.

Current instagram crushes: HEREHEREHERE, and HERE.

It's DAVID AUSTIN season. Woo hoo!

I think I could eat THIS in one sitting.

I love these little illuminated DUTCH HOUSES. If only I had a mantle to put them on.

Garland ideas: HEREHERE, and HERE.

Finally, in light of the horrors of the last month, and the world being noisy with hate, fear and ignorance, I keep playing THIS scene in my mind. Yes, I still watch Grey's Anatomy. I am twelve seasons committed. Can't quit, won't quit.

And now, I am off to enjoy the best of stone-fruit season here in sunny Australia. How does that song go?
Moving to the country...

Kate  x

Styling and Photographs by Moss & Vine