Thursday, 21 May 2015


Get a clean beaker, 
pour in two parts H2O (also known as water for the laymen amongst us)


three parts pink bouvardia


Native to Mexico, bouvardia means enthusiasm // zest for life

Prettiest science experiment I ever conducted.

Kate  x

Flowers, Styling and Photographs by Moss & Vine

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

How old is your soul?

"My soul is from elsewhere,
I am sure of that,
and I intend to end up there."


Kate  x

Photograph by Moss & Vine

Monday, 11 May 2015

Links to love: May edition

May is only eleven days old. But i've fallen in love with so much over those beauty-packed days. Here are some links to some of my new loves.

The Mrs Box has a new collection of HEIRLOOM VELVET RING BOXES. I still absolutely adore my green "Gardener" ring box (pictured above), but my new favourite colour has to be the stunning HUGUENOT

I recently discovered and fell in love with the King of aesthetic perfection STEVE SINCLAIR who owns and executes SINCLAIR AND MOORE EVENTS with his wife. Their daily life is an exercise in beauty. Read more about their life and business HERE and get a taste for their attention to detail HERE and HERE. Not only does Steve love interiors and decor, he is a self taught floral designer, designs and styles weddings and events, and makes his wife DRESSES FROM SCRATCH. He even made her WEDDING DRESS. If I could clone him for myself, I probably would.

I stumbled upon the website for POLLON flowers and was instantly taken aback by the innovation of floral designer Nicholas Minton Connell. There's always something new to learn in floristry. I love that it is an industry driven by trends and ever evolving design influences. Check out the wedding gallery on the Pollon website. And the 'PRESS' link is something else. Talk about vision and talent. 

My current flower crush is less of a specific flower and more of a colour palette. Plum, burgundy, deep-purple. I'm in love HERE and HERE and HERE.

My current foliage crush is weirdly left-field: OLIVE TREE FOLIAGE. I don't enjoy eating olives but I sure do admire the silvery-grey quality of olive tree leaves. So versatile.

I was never an admirer of DISBUD CHRYSANTHEMUMS, but having just been slammed working the Mothers Day rush in the wonderful, busy, florist shop of my home-town (COOMA FLOWER SHOP), I have a new appreciation for the huge, soft, fluffiness which characterises this amazing variety of the humble chrysanthemum. 

Currently in love with: 
this Justin Alexander WEDDING GOWN,
 this Jesus Peiro WEDDING GOWN,
 these ANEMONES from Bathtub Gardens,
and THIS instagram account.

Also, my uber talented BROTHER now writes frequently for Rolling Stone Australia. HERE is his latest piece. 

Enjoy the sheer exquisiteness hidden behind these links, until next time,

Kate  x

Styling and Photographs by Moss & Vine

Saturday, 9 May 2015


We inherit our genes, and other traits from our Mothers, but from mine I also inherited an appreciation for:




Blue & white.

Happy Mothers Day.

Kate  x

Photograph and Styling by Moss & Vine

Sunday, 3 May 2015

A never-ending list

I know, I know, I already gave you the somewhat definitive list of my favourite flowers HERE, but it turns out there were some notable absences. Like I said, it's a difficult list to contain.




They all deserve a loud and enthusiastic shout-out. It is a constantly evolving list as I learn about new flowers, handle new blooms, and continue to peruse on-line wedding flower inspiration. My current favourite sources? WE FELL IN LOVE and THE KNOT. *Swoooon* worthy, indeed!

Today I came home with a much needed bunch of sweetness in the form of hyacinth. Sydney has been experiencing biblical amounts of rain recently. And the perfect antidote to that is the heavenly scented, cheerily pretty, spring hyacinth. So that's one more to add to my list of favourite flowers.

World Hyacinth Day is celebrated on March 7th, when hyacinths are blooming in abundance in the northern hemisphere. According to the Victorians, hyacinth means: constancy, sportiness, impetuousness, and "I am sorry". They truly smell uplifting. Better than any perfume you could buy.

Kate  x

Photograph and Styling by Moss & Vine

Friday, 1 May 2015


It's May already. Really? I feel as though it was only last month that I was sat cross-legged on the lounge room floor wrapping Christmas gifts in brown paper. Now autumn is in full swing. Even with the startling amount of rain we've been enduring lately, I still love and embrace this season in all its glory. I adore autumn and the filtered sun that accompanies it. I love the crisp morning air, and the promise of snow soon to settle on the mountains back home.

I drove home to the mountains for a fleeting visit last weekend, hopeful that even with the approach of winter there would still be something interesting flowering in the garden that I could cut to bring back to brighten our little city flat. 
Sadly but not unexpectedly, anything that had flowered and flourished over the summer had retreated beneath the cooling ground in anticipation of early frosts. The vegetable patch was almost bare, save for the small clump of rhubarb that seems to defy all seasonal obstacles. Over the fence in an abandoned backyard, however, there was an ancient very old apple tree heavy with an abundance of blushing apples. For me, apples are synonymous with autumn. I didn't hesitate to take advantage. I returned to Sydney with a gluttony of refreshingly imperfect fruit, and little idea of how I am supposed to eat my way through them before they start to go bad. I've been eating them fresh for breakfast all week. And I keep meaning to stew some to have with porridge. But I also wanted to turn some of the apples into something slightly delectable and otherwise banned from our diet. Something naughty.
I carefully halved and cored a handful of them before baking them in the oven to eat with butterscotch sauce. I appropriated THIS recipe for butterscotch sauce. It's not the healthiest way to enjoy apples, but I don't regret it one bit. It is definitely a sometimes only food. Until next autumn...

Kate  x

Styling and Photographs by Moss & Vine