Monday, 30 November 2015

Links to love: December edition

A baked WREATH from Call Me Cupcake.

Floral WINESICLES for an adult summer treat.

So happy to see a SINCLAIR AND MOORE interview on the FLORET FARM BLOG. These are two flower-centric creatives that I love to follow online.

FLORET FLOWER FARM makes me want to live in Washington state and grow flowers. And of course A COUNTRY FARMHOUSE does too.

Current instagram crushes: HEREHEREHERE, and HERE.

It's DAVID AUSTIN season. Woo hoo!

I think I could eat THIS in one sitting.

I love these little illuminated DUTCH HOUSES. If only I had a mantle to put them on.

Garland ideas: HEREHERE, and HERE.

Finally, in light of the horrors of the last month, and the world being noisy with hate, fear and ignorance, I keep playing THIS scene in my mind. Yes, I still watch Grey's Anatomy. I am twelve seasons committed. Can't quit, won't quit.

And now, I am off to enjoy the best of stone-fruit season here in sunny Australia. How does that song go?
Moving to the country...

Kate  x

Styling and Photographs by Moss & Vine

Friday, 27 November 2015

Birthday eve

I have been spending my Friday putting last touches to Alex's birthday celebration tomorrow. We're low-key in this house. So some presents, some flowers, and a birthday tart is celebration enough.

No birthday in November can be celebrated without the inclusion of peonies. Embrace their short season. Even if the recipient is a man. Or just buy them for your home, and pretend that they are part of your gift...

Originally I had planned to bake THIS cake for tomorrow. But, truth is, I am not the best cake maker, and I am not well acquainted with my oven. Baking adventures, whilst enthusiastically pursued in the beginning, leave me frustrated more often than not. Plus, that is simply too much cake for two people. Right? Maybe, maybe not. 

So I embraced cherry season and made a cherry tart/pie instead.

A little wonky, and little higgledy-piggledy, but made with love.

Happy, happy birthday.

Kate  x

Monday, 9 November 2015

Summer roses and milk glass

It has been a wet start to summer, but the first of the roses still manage to look and smell divine! 

I snipped these beautiful old roses from my Dad's garden over the weekend, and I carefully nursed them in a mug of water on my lap on the drive back to the city. The lengths I go to...

Each variety has a subtly unique fragrance. The smaller milk glass vase is on my bedside table, and is a soothing sight and scent to open my eyes to in the morning. 

The large blush flower I believe is 'Albertine', an old variety raised by Barbier. Dark salmon coloured buds open out to large blush pink blooms, and occasionally a pale apricot bloom will appear. It is a rambling rose producing many flower heads. 

The small white rose in the foreground (above) is either 'Albatross' or 'Kiftsgate'. It is a prolific flowerer, smothering its branches in small, delicate, single-layered white blooms.

As usual with mother nature, photographs don't do these roses justice.

I have also brought back with me a large armful of mint, rosemary, lemon balm, sage, marjoram and thyme. And stalks of silver beet and rhubarb. Dad's place is better than a farmers market.

Kate  x

Styling and Photographs by M o s s & V i n e

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Links to love: November edition

This CAKE is phenomenal.

I am so in love with this STYLED SHOOT from +White Magazine. It is simply breathtaking.

Could I pretty please move into THIS dreamy little cottage?

I love the foliage GARLANDS in this wedding.

Even though this is a goodbye post, it makes me want to move to the Southern Highlands PRONTO!

So many BOOKS, so little time.

The Atacama Desert in BLOOM.


PUMPKIN PIE  from Farmette, timely, as the Northern Hemisphere embrace all things pumpkin. I am giddy with excitement for The Farmette Cookbook to be released in March.

Have you seen the Christmas cover for COUNTRY STYLE MAG this year? It features a joey called Honey who belongs to the master of aesthetics, Annabelle of THE DAILYS, photographed by the dizzyingly cool KARA ROSELUND. I love it when clever, kind, and talented creatives get together to produce wonderful things.

Kara's book SHELTER, has just been released. It looks fab!

HELLO from Adele was worth the four year wait. I will confess to contributing to the song being played in excess of 100 million times in one week on youtube...not sorry.

This seems like a good excuse for a trip out to ORANGE. Which is, incidentally, a place I've been wanting to visit more and more recently...

I adore KATE'S CREATIVE SPACE, and I had a serious case of envy when I read about her FLEA MARKET FORAGING success recently. I have been lusting after a vintage printers typesetting tray. But all of the ones I spotted on etsy were very pricey, and shipping costs made it a pretty prohibitive purchase...until...last weekend. I found one on my travels to the Southern Highlands! Thank you Dirty Jane's in Bowral.

Kate  x

Styling and Photographs by M o s s & V i n e