Friday, 27 November 2015

Birthday eve

I have been spending my Friday putting last touches to Alex's birthday celebration tomorrow. We're low-key in this house. So some presents, some flowers, and a birthday tart is celebration enough.

No birthday in November can be celebrated without the inclusion of peonies. Embrace their short season. Even if the recipient is a man. Or just buy them for your home, and pretend that they are part of your gift...

Originally I had planned to bake THIS cake for tomorrow. But, truth is, I am not the best cake maker, and I am not well acquainted with my oven. Baking adventures, whilst enthusiastically pursued in the beginning, leave me frustrated more often than not. Plus, that is simply too much cake for two people. Right? Maybe, maybe not. 

So I embraced cherry season and made a cherry tart/pie instead.

A little wonky, and little higgledy-piggledy, but made with love.

Happy, happy birthday.

Kate  x

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