Thursday, 3 November 2016

Fairy foot prints

November, autumn is surrendering to winter. The frosts have started, the leaves are in full colour, and Guy Fawkes Night is approaching. Autumn has been so full of treats though: warm days, golden colours, and new perspectives.

Before experiencing autumn in England I had only ever seen cyclamen in pots at florists and supermarkets, very uninspiring. Very Great Aunt Mabel. Here they carpet the undergrowth, unfazed by deep shade and cold nights. They contrast so brilliantly against their surroundings, like fairy foot prints in the lawn.

Kate x

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Styling the seasons: October

Goodbye October.

You were magical.

Autumn is in full colour, the clocks have gone back, the mornings are thick and foggy. I don't mind, the seasonal shift is comforting in its own unique way. As the weather gets colder, we get closer to finding and moving to a more permanent home here in England. And that is something I am truly looking forward to. 

Kate  x