Monday, 9 November 2015

Summer roses and milk glass

It has been a wet start to summer, but the first of the roses still manage to look and smell divine! 

I snipped these beautiful old roses from my Dad's garden over the weekend, and I carefully nursed them in a mug of water on my lap on the drive back to the city. The lengths I go to...

Each variety has a subtly unique fragrance. The smaller milk glass vase is on my bedside table, and is a soothing sight and scent to open my eyes to in the morning. 

The large blush flower I believe is 'Albertine', an old variety raised by Barbier. Dark salmon coloured buds open out to large blush pink blooms, and occasionally a pale apricot bloom will appear. It is a rambling rose producing many flower heads. 

The small white rose in the foreground (above) is either 'Albatross' or 'Kiftsgate'. It is a prolific flowerer, smothering its branches in small, delicate, single-layered white blooms.

As usual with mother nature, photographs don't do these roses justice.

I have also brought back with me a large armful of mint, rosemary, lemon balm, sage, marjoram and thyme. And stalks of silver beet and rhubarb. Dad's place is better than a farmers market.

Kate  x

Styling and Photographs by M o s s & V i n e

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