Friday, 19 June 2015

The tulip series

When they were tight and fresh, the colour of these tulips looked so promising, I had to buy them. Unfortunately that beautiful pink blush colour faded as the days went on. I have enjoyed their presence in my home none-the-less. Fading flowers also have a certain charm.

Day 1.

Day 3.

Day 5.

Tulips continue to grow even once they've been cut. It can be necessary to keep cutting the stems so they don't outgrow their vase (cut flowers should be re-cut every other day anyway), but just quietly, I love what I call the 'drunken tulip' look that happens when they start to tumble from the vase. 

How stunning can yellow tulips en masse look? VERY stunning.

My favourite variety of tulips? LA BELLE EPOQUE.

See them this spring at TULIP TOP GARDEN IN HIDDEN VALLEY.

Kate  x

Styling and photographs by Moss & Vine

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