Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Flower love

There are flowers I went into floristry expecting to love, and flowers I couldn't care less about. What surprised me more than flower preference was  how easily I could give my flowers away after class. My Mum, my Grandmother, and my Mother in Law, they all received flowers, some of them more than once. I had so many blooms to 'babysit' each week that I readily gave them away. I formed no attachment to my first ever King Protea, or the second for that matter. Both went to new homes, happily. A whole stem of Cymbidium Orchids was plucked from a makeshift vase and sent to my flower-loving Grandmother, who I am sure has never resented cut flowers. My Mum received my first ever spiralled posy, probably the best posy I've ever made. And yet I was eager to share my flowers with her.

It turns out you can resent flowers. I was short on space, short on vases, and changing the water in each vase/drinking glass was low on my to do list. I had anthuriums hanging out on my coffee table for weeks, and I was willing them to just die. It seemed like every time I went to class there would be more anthuriums in my bucket. Inevitably they'd join the other anthuriums still going strong in my living room. Don't even get me started on monsterea leaves...

There are flowers I love. Ranunculus are my current favourite. I'll never say no to a rose, especially the flawless David Austin varieties. So, here I thought i'd list the flower types that I am surprised I took a liking to:

Hydrangea- which can be devilishly difficult to keep looking 'happy' in the vase. But it's most endearing quality? It's BIG. Which means it fills a vase quickly, but most of all it's a dream flower to have when putting together a spiralled bouquet, hiding gaps, and just generally looking very pretty.

Magnolia Leaves- you only need to rub one of these beauties between your thumb and finger in order to fall in love. The velvet brown underside is magnificent. They are my absolute favourite leaf to wire for bouquets.

Berzelia- is striking, and oh-so-textured. This baby adds interest wherever you use it. It can jazz up a posy, be wired onto a hair circlet, or fill out a buttonhole. It adds serious interest wherever it goes.

Do you have a favourite flower?

K xx


  1. My favourite flower is probably the tulip. A little cliche, perhaps, but I've loved them since the first one I've seen!

    1. I really like tulips too! I'd love to go the The Netherlands and see the tulip fields in full flower. We had them pop up in the garden each Spring, and they were always so pretty!