Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Distant memory

These scenes from the weekend seem like a million miles from my reality this week. 

I am wrestling (and I do mean wrestling) with an assignment from hell. I have 2 more assignments to write before we depart for our new life in England. Which basically means I have 14 days to pull 4000 words from the deepest of depths. 

The timing hasn't been wonderful, 2 assignments due 48 hours after our plane takes off. Some people would calculate the time/hemisphere/date differences and submit just in the nick of time. Me? I am struggling with compound complex sentences, relating verbs and non-finite clauses without having to do that sort of maths too. My plan is to cruise along and push submit on both before I hand over my passport at the airport.

Wish me luck.

I really need it.

Kate  x

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