Friday, 31 July 2015

Links to love: August edition

This list is coming to you a day early because I am heading home to the snow for the weekend, and I think I might leave my internet connection behind.

THIS IS YOUR KINGDOM makes me yearn for the English gap year I never took.

This might just be the bouquet to END ALL OTHER BOUQUETS.

I'm undecided on THIS. It's cute but I'm not sure I could live with it forever. 

August has me excited for an influx of DAFFODILS. They liven up any space!

Again, this is from Catherine at A COUNTRY FARMHOUSE (I swear I read other blogs too), a SENTIMENT I actively try to live by. I guess that's why my kitchen drawer looks like THIS.

Also THIS SENTIMENT. I need to remind myself. I'm a bit of a 'collector'. Which is a perfect segue to...

Makes me want to begin COLLECTING STAMPS.


It's CITRUS season.

I think I really, really want THIS. Is that pathetic? A grown up with a colouring book? It seems it is all the rage at the moment. Zen for adults.

Current instagram crushes? HEREHERE & HERE.

And I just looove this hand painted bespoke wedding crest by the talented ARABELLAJUNE.

When we get a dog, I will be doing THIS.

WOWZERS! Such a cool project.

THIS  sounds like the perfect tonic after a long day on the slopes.

Help the HONEY BEES.

These guys really know how to do pretty SHOP FRONTS.

I love THIS. Congratulations to her.

My idea of beautiful FOOD PORN. I have ambitions to make THIS for Alex's birthday.

If you're self-learning photography (like I am), THIS page has very easy to understand explanations, illustrated with gorgeous photographs. I recently discovered Zoe's INSTAGRAM FEED. And I'm in love!

This months flower crush is the pretty little VIOLET. I took far too many photos of these ones that I cut from my Nan's garden recently.

And finally, check out THESE amazing photographs.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the first of the muscari in the garden this weekend.

Kate  x

Photographs by M o s s & V i n e

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