Thursday, 6 February 2014

Broken stems

I used to tell my partner that carnations were a poor excuse for a flower. I called them 'the poor man's rose'. I described them as petrol station flowers.

Just quietly, I love carnations. They are so dainty and detailed and pretty. This one came to me just barely attached to it's stem. Broken, and altogether useless. So I snapped this close-up pic just to capture it's multi-layered beauty before tossing it in the bin.

Carnations are troopers. They don't bruise like roses. They can be wired and will look healthy out of water for longer than a rose. They are quite sizeable, with long stems. They come in many, many, many colour combinations. And they are cheap.

That's more pluses than minuses for the humble carnation as far as I'm concerned.

K xx

*side note* carnations are a great flower for Valentines Day. Put simply, they are a cheaper option. But who wouldn't prefer a huge, tight bunch of carnations over an expensive red rose bouquet that is frankly more foliage than flower?

*inside information* the price of red roses is inflated for Valentines Day. Not out of greed, but necessity. I may do a post explaining this closer to V Day itself. x

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