Friday, 11 August 2017

Summer eggs

Like the weather, the presence of eggs at the farm gate has been unpredictable recently. 

In early summer it all started out strong, warm (almost hot) sunny days, light stretching long into the night and a near-constant supply of non-uniform, straight-from-the-hen eggs. The hedgerows were full of bramble flowers, buttercups, queen anne's lace, and for one glorious week, wild roses.

The eggs came in every pastel shade imaginable, blue being the colour I hoped to see when I peered into the cartons to choose which 1/2 dozen to pay for. 

There were times when I went days, or weeks without being able to purchase eggs. This most recent stretch without eggs at the farm gate was almost a month long...

But, after a three week stretch of consistently rainy days (where on more than one occasion, to our shame, the heating was put on), and just as the blackberries were beginning to turn...

...the eggs reappeared. 

This is yesterdays 1/2 dozen, dappled sunlight dancing on those pretty pastel hues. I was so happy the sun was back out that I ran half way up to the farm, never expecting I'd find eggs or blackberries. 

Maybe we'll get a second shot at some summer weather?

Kate  x