Monday, 6 January 2014

On the topic of Gypsophila

Gypsophila, otherwise popularly known as Baby's Breath or even Gyp, has re-emerged in recent years as a popular flower. Adding to it's popularity is it's newly developed brother flower, 'Million Stars'.

It was overused in the Eighties. Paired with Red Roses, it was a filler flower, used sparingly, resulting in a cliched bouquet. Emotionless. Dare I say, tacky. Apologies to the brides who carried Red Roses and Baby's Breath.

If you're a 2014 bride with a penchant for Baby's Breath however, you are in luck. You will not be accused of appearing tacky, cliched or unimaginative any time soon. Baby's Breath is being used in wonderful new and inventive ways. One design trend that is particularly popular and showcases Gyp at it's very best is using it en masse. A full bouquet of fluffy white flowers, a cute little rustic buttonhole finished with twine, a great big striking pomander hanging from the ceiling, or my personal favourite the halo of Baby's Breath.

It results in a pretty, delicate, feminine and oh-so-romantic head piece either for a bride or flower girl. In lieu of a veil, a Baby's Breath halo acts as a pretty accessory for more modern or edgy brides who wish to do away with some of the more rigid traditions of the bridal 'uniform'. En masse, Gyp is stunning and is elevated into focal flower status, never to be dismissed simply as a filler flower again.

Would you consider this once humble flower as part of your wedding day styling? Or is it still too old fashioned for your liking? I must admit I went into floristry expecting to loathe Baby's Breath. I didn't believe Gyp could be presented to me in a way that would make it appealing. As I began to trawl through wedding styling books, magazines, and blogs my mind was changed. Irrevocably. It is so versatile, fulfilling many a styling brief. Rustic, romantic, modern, white. I'm grateful to the previously underrated Gypsophila. Long may it remain popular.

K xx

These images are part of the photo shoot by photographer Erin Black, contact her at
The beautiful model is singer songwriter Sarah Bird , check her out at
Flowers by Moss & Vine

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