Tuesday, 7 January 2014


You know you're a florist when the amount of cut flowers in your home surpasses the number of vases you have to put them in. It is doubly true when you've exhausted your drinking glass collection and start to consider empty wine bottles. I am also guilty of looking at my kitchen sink, filled with water and flowers, and thinking why can't they just stay in there until they die?

There are floristry tools that are optional, and there are floristry tools that are so fundamental that they are almost more important than the flowers themselves. Vases. What good is a bunch of roses without the perfect vase to put them in? So it was a great relief to me when my man posed the question, what do you buy your florist partner where you would have otherwise bought flowers? and came up with the answer, vase. He has stated that for every Valentine's Day instead of the traditional bouquet of red flowers I will receive a vase. The above vase was my Christmas present. A stunning Vera Wang for Wedgwood crystal vase.

K xx

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