Tuesday, 4 July 2017

All things summer

Summer is in full swing. Wimbledon is on the telly, the farm shop has a glut of British grown strawberries, and vivid gem-coloured hydrangeas are in bloom everywhere I look.

None quite so vivid as the V&A museum hydrangeas.

A great and vibrant hedge of blooms flanks the central courtyard at the moment. We were there over the weekend, soaking up some sunshine and enjoying the museum collections. It was a warm day, the courtyard water feature was filled with toddlers paddling and splashing about.

I love London. Every time we visit, I get swept up and along with the energy and buzz of the city. I adore the diversity and acceptance. I get such a sense of satisfaction from successfully navigating the tube system, criss crossing the city and popping out into daylight next to iconic and historical landmarks. I appreciate the long history of the city juxtaposed with the modern urban. I love an oversized hotel bed and a late night trip in a black cab. 

But I am always so grateful to get home again, park my car under the towering trees in the village and feel the breeze in my hair. 

Kate  x