Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sneak peek, 8th March 2014

I'm sleep deprived. My fingers smell of eucalyptus. When I close my eyes I'm seeing nothing but billy buttons, but what a week!

It started at 3.45am on Wednesday morning when I headed off to flower market visit number one. I knew it was worth it when I returned home just after 6am with my haul of Aussie native flowers and foliage and got out of my car to the sounds of a group of kookaburras laughing hysterically.

Friday morning saw a small sleep in, I didn't leave for flower market visit number two until 4.30am. Again, I knew this new creative career path was worth it when after I had resigned myself to not being able to find a second lot of flowering gum to go with Wednesday's purchase... I spotted a bucket brimming with beautiful open pink flowering gum just asking to become bridesmaids bouquets. 

Friday started early and ended late. I eventually got into bed at midnight after constructing a hanging floral centrepiece on site at the wedding venue. Stinking of gum and hands scratched up from chicken wire, my alarm was set for 5.15am for W-E-D-D-I-N-G day. Last minute finishing touches, last minute panic, last minute second guessing. This floristry gig is a wonderful ride. 

Here is a sneak peek. I cannot wait to see the photos from the day. All my thanks go to Georgia, Zoe and Donna for being a dream to create for. What an amazingly kind and warm family.

K xx


  1. Oh beautiful Kate!!! Can't wait to see the photos xx

  2. They really are stunning Kate - I'm with Billie and can't wait for the photos. Well done, Mum xx