Monday, 25 August 2014


Do you think that you could pick a favourite child? I have no insight into how difficult this task might be. I'm a happily loved-up DINK. I'm also a florist. So flowers are kind of my babies. And just quietly, my favourites sometimes change. 

Seasonality, fragrance, colour, and trends can all play a part in shifting my affections towards another type of bloom. 

Sometimes i'll add another flower to my list because I've seen beautiful styled images of it on a blog post. I didn't know I liked dahlias until they featured in a wedding I had the pleasure of arranging the flowers for. I never expected to come to the conclusion that I have a severe soft spot for humble old lavender. For sentimental reasons I also adore my Nan's favourite, Lily of the Valley. And who in their right mind could help not smiling at sweet little grape hyacinths.

But, ranunculus will forever remain a strong first on my ever-changing list of favourite flowers.

1. Ranunculus

2. Dahlias

3. Hydrangea

4. Queen Anne's Lace

5. Lavender

K xx

*Honourable mention, poppies.