Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Wires, ribbon, parafilm

In floristry there are 3 main techniques to be perfected. Wiring, hand tied, and base medium. I desperately want to be great at throwing together the perfect hand tied bouquet. But i'm not yet. This is a technique that I struggle with right now. Admittedly this may (probably) be due to lack of practice. It has taken all of my spare energy whilst studying over the past few months just to give my flowers fresh water every few days. Fresh water was an achievement not a given. So spiralling a posy to perfection, undoing it, and spiralling it beyond perfection, again and again, was not a priority. Getting my clothes washed for work in time often trumped fresh water, and almost always trumped practicing the perfect hand tied bouquet.

But alas, the technique of wiring was always there ready to buoy back up my confidence. I took to wiring quickly and with gusto.
I will happily snip the heads off a whole bunch of spray roses and wire them up into a pretty design that for all intents and purposes will last less than 24 hours. I adore hair circlets the most, but posy bouquets and tear-drop trail bouquets do it for me equally. Happily for me the hair circlet seems to be the on-trend accessory for brides right now. This provides me with endless inspiration pics to drool over on the internet and fills my head with dreams that some day a bride will ask me to wire a halo of flowers that will last just enough time for her to say 'I do'.

Next year I will undertake the third and final technique in order to become a qualified florist. Base medium will fall one of two ways. It could join hand tied as a technique that frustrates me. Or it could become my new best friend, besides wiring, naturally. In the mean time I have a Summer of free time to perfect the hand tied bouquet once and for all.

K xx

Flowers by Kate Hipwell, Moss & Vine